Friday, June 26, 2009

sweat. blood. tears....

....well no tears.
but i sure did sweat a lot... and there was a little blood shed today.

i have officially (finally 3 months later) moved every IOTA from the old house. the only stuff i had left was stuff i didn't really want... haha. so i took a lot to some people so they could distribute it at a womens shelter. then i dropped a box full of books off at a bookstore- the rest has either been thrown away... or i found a home for it. mostly books. lots and lots of books. ryan & i have more books than a library. its crazy. but i can't part with them. i have made an INTERNAL PACT... that i need your help with.... i can't buy any more books until i read the FIFTEEN sitting on a shelf. its the shelf i have designated "want to read". yes i OWN many books that i have NOT read. and now throw in ry's collection... its outrageous. anyway. my goal is to not buy any more books (unless they are "marriage" related) until i read AT LEAST the 15 on my "to read" shelf. there are many more books i own i have not read- but im going to start there. so dont let me buy any moer books!

anyway. im setting up an amazon shop soon to sell some old school books. and by old i mean last school year. hopefully i can make a little money- that will be designated "wedding fun".

so today i did a ton. moved a lot. and organized it all. i have our "spare room" back together. it actually looks like an office/library/sewing room. wooohooo! and i ended up cramming a DOUBLE size bed into the spare closet. until mom comes up and gets it!! its nice having a spare bed- but a spare twin would suffice. but hey- at least this little house of mine can sleep comfortably 6!! a queen bed: 2. a double bed: 2. an awesome couch: 1 and a sleeping mat: 1 ...anyway.

i bought a filing bin to file away life's important papers. i had just a folder- but have outgrown it. so i bought a pink bin. and def wrote "snider family" on it. ppsshhhhahaha. i know. im lame. ORRR really excited to be getting married. :)

speaking of. i know i complained about writing the addresses, but i have in hindsight- found a way to enjoy it. each person i write i think about them. think of a fun memory. say a little prayer. wonder if they willl come. its been kinda neat.... but then there are those people im like... who the heck are you. dang. ... (:

lets see what else. OH! going to lake J next week to see my one and only AMAZING fiance. yes. amazing. he is super awesome. so sweet. and so good to me. (: even if we are far a part- he does so much for me. its greatttt. anyway so yes. ryan of course will be there... BUT FINGERS CROSSED... my family is driving up too!! so ill get to see the whole gang- which is ubber exciting!!

ill be home to ga in july- the week of the 20th or somethign like that. need to do flowers. decorations. finalize a menu for the reception. have fun with friends. enjoy family time. and be a single lady!! (: it will be the last time im home before the big day!!

well. i need to go organize my closet and get the bedroom back together. now that the office is good- the bedroom is a DISASTER. haha... i think it just moves from one room to the next.

oh i am excited about the morning.
im going to attempt to plant some flowers for my front porch!
lets hope they grow!! haha!!

hope you are all well. maybe ill take some pictures of my new house... hmmm. ill work on that.

love & peace
-an anxious & excited bride to be :)

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