Wednesday, June 17, 2009


ill be out of commission until sunday.
im working a chrysalis retreat... and pretty darn stoked.
for those of you who may not be familiar with it...
chrysalis is a spiritual retreat. this one particular one is for hs school girls!
im supppperrr excited.
can't wait to be there.
hang out with hs girls.
give a talk about being a single woman...
bc granted- im engaged. but i am single. and have been for 23 years.
ive got a few things to share. (:

at first i was like holy cow what in the world... but as ive worked on my TWENTY minute talk- ive really learned a lot about myself. and my single life. and how this has been the perfect path for me. i can't imagine being married RIGHT NOW. granted a year ago i was "angry/upset/flustered" that i was not married- and def upset i was not engaged. there was def a TON of pressure to get married last year- but wow. what a difference a year makes. its been such an amazing time. a great experience. def a "grow up" time. a year to find myself even more. a year to develop. and a year to have a lil fun... and travveelll.

anyway. its been cool
and i KNOW this weekend is going to be awesome.
mama rob (the mom in law) will be there too- which is super cool.
and a few other friends.

pray for us all this weekend. the hs girls- and all the workers. and by workers im talking like 30 people. there might be more.

im off to watch a movie. shower. pack. and hope to fall asleep soon.

had another fun great night at work.
one day ill blog all these funny stories i have... about drunk men walking around in their tighty whities, GROSS things found in GROSS places, lots of blood, guts, and critters (yes. critters.) its only been 6 days- but its been awesome.

love & peace.
see ya lat-A~!

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JM said...

all the single ladies put your hands up!

i agree, after college I felt a whole lotta pressure to get married and I probably would have.. but I am so happy for this time I have had to really learn more about myself! You go girl. have a great time at chrysalis.