Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3.54 am

i miss making funny faces
and thining about life
with this fella

and i really miss laying in hammocks
and cuddling with him.

latest post yet. its 3.54am!
today was the 4th day in a row.
its going great.
i love the ER.
i have not seen the show nurse jackie yet. ive heard controversy things though.
ill have to check it out. give you guys my opinion.

tomorrow im working a short shift so with the magic of benadryl i can MAYBE switch back to a regular schedule for thursday. i dont know how it will go... but thursday i head to savannah to work the chyrsalis this upcoming weekend. im SOOOO SUPER EXCITED!!
then im coming back to the dur-ham to see my rhino! after like 3 weeks of being a part. not too long for many of you. mostly JM. she wins the long distance award. months and months and a huge ocean in between.... but still. there is a little mountain range between us!! haha... im lame. anyway.

off to sleep. i need some rest!
peace & love


Julia said...

by the way lunch today doesn't work for me, but I'm free all next weekish. let me know when you have a day in mind again.

also sorry i'm a bad friend and just telling you now, and by blog comment!

Sara said...

HEY! I miss talking to you :(