Monday, June 15, 2009


swing shift.
its weird. i work when people are sleeping....
except i work in an ER... so no one is sleeping.

im exhausted and going to bed. but what a night. its been so busy this weekend, but ive had some AWESOME experiences. had lots of fun. learning TONS. LOVING it. really. im super happy and super excited about where this is going.

job transition- great idea.

ill try and blog more when i can... maybe tomorrow after i sleep. notice the time. 3.51 am

ummmmmm. julia- we can do lunch... how about wednesday at one? if not it will have to be next week sometime... i can have you over for dinner. ill text you tomorrow... after noon... once i awake from my slumber!!

workin 3 more days... then off a week to head to savannah for the girls retreat i am working! which im SOOOO SUPER excited about!! realllly excited. i mean im working a chrysalis with my mom in law- and some other friends! yeahhh im pumped.

also missing ryan like CRAZY. our schedules are totally opposite- so we are only able to talk at night on my dinner break (which is really around 10pm)... yeah my life is crazy right now.

umm i think thats enough random. i need to get some sleep so i can wake up and do it all over again!

love & peace to you all- and to all a good night.

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jlindsey said...

Have you seen Nurse Jackie on Showtime? Do you have Netflix? You can watch it free - you should see the 1st episode...