Friday, June 12, 2009


lets just say they are not adding up.

too many people that "might come"

seriously doubtful. but what if they (those ppl i doubt will come) decide. hey ya know what... i think i will drive that 10 hours to see r&d get married. and then we have like 300 extra ppl. ummmm what then? i guess we COULD video stream it live into the student center... hmmm now this is sounding promising.... hhaa....

homemade invites... let me clarify. "homemade invites" makes them sound reallly cute and fun and homemade and crafty. ehh. not really. very formal. nice. these are do it yourself- nice formal wedding- homemade invites. ...does that make sense? i mean im all about some crafty things. lets be honest. we ALL know that. but i decided i should probably be a little formal for the wedding. haha.... now then. there ae PLENTY of other CRAFTY things that will be at the wedding. lots of mason jars. flowers. fabric. cool twine. maybe a few "S"'s hanging around. lots of candles. and def the "programs" now those will be crafty and "homemade".... for some reason i just felt the invite needed to be a bit formal. just what i always pictured. haha... im so silly.

ok enough wedding rambling!!

ok... not really. JM- yes its funny & weird that ry and i will have an "our room". its weird. straight up. im like hmm... i wonder if he is going to care im kinda messy. and throw my clothes everywhere. and dang i sure dont like making my bed. it was realllly weird when he was moving HIS stuff into the house I was living in. i was like woahhhh. at one point i asked- dude can i borrow that book this summer? immedietly realizing... that book is staying here. in this house. which will be our house as soon as the summer is over and he is home from the internship...
changes are here. and are a coming.

i have a feeling this blog is about to start a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER!! heck. a whole new PART. as of AUG 15. its going to be Adventures of Bort PART TWO.

ok. now ill be done rambling. let me throw this picture in to spark your interest.

id like to have a quick shout out to mrs amber.
this is the wedding gift she gave me.
i use it everyday.
today i used it 3 times.
ive never had a toaster oven until now, but truly. this is the greatest invention EVER.
i mean it makes toast. cookies. i grill sausage in there.
i love it.

if you dont have a toaster oven- 2 options
1. get married and register for it!
2. GO BUY ONE!!!

ok the end. for real...
im working FIVE DAYS IN A ROW.
holy cow.
its a good thing i have NOTHING else to do.... haha.
but yeah im going to be beat.
excuse me if i dont blog much...

love & peace
the joyful, excited, and crazy in love


JM said...

Hey Dani! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stream your wedding into the student center. That would be awesome. And I LOVE that you almost asked Ry if you could borrow a book. Ha! I think I am going to try and get married so I can get a toaster like that. But I may be delaying my possibilities because last night I had a little too much ale and told Ian that I was looking at all the ring shops in Guildford today. whoops! He also wants me to make him a mario brothers quilt, and I said I would when he put a ring on my finger. Seriously, I am ruining my chances. Can't shut my mouth!

Julia said...

Hey Danielle! what ever happened to us having lunch/dinner? let me knw the next day you have off and let's put it on the calender!!

amberbaldridge said...

I got a shout out! Woohoo!

Don't feel bad about the whole not making the bed thing. I still don't do that. Becoming a domestic woman is a slow transition (especially when you have raging feminist bones screaming in protest like I do) but you learn. I'm almost a year into marriage and I still suck at cleaning house and cooking, but I try. And lucky for you, husbands can help since we've entered the 21st century!

amberbaldridge said...

P.S. The Chapel can hold a few more people than they tell you. We figured it could probably hold about 150. Especially if people know each other and don't mind sitting kind of close. :)