Friday, June 12, 2009



so when i went over to see ryan we explored downtown asheville.
lots of awesome art.
we came across this though and fell in love with it!!

isn't that SO darn precious!! well they didn't have a print (only an original... which we can't afford!!) haha... but they did have THIS one... which is equally as precious.

so we bought it. and i framed it.
(one of the 40million that i bought yesterday)
and now its hanging in our room!

i love it. so precious.
and sooo us!!
cute little birds.

anyway here is the artist website: sarah faulkner

well thats enough for now.
i need to take a nap.
i work tomorrow... so i need to stay up super late tonight.

love & peace


Katie B said...

So pretty!

leegrayson said...

love this.. and both of you.

so excited about the homemade invites.. let me know if you need help with anything!


JM said...

i love it! and how cute that you and ryan are going to have 'a room.' I know that's the normal step, it just seems so adorable!