Thursday, June 11, 2009


after 2 kinda sketchy people were here for TWO hours... the internet and cable are working beautifully.

other accomplishments for the day:
- 100 invitations made 50 more to go
- 16 frames BOUGHT!! seriously. i bought 16 frames today for the house to put cool art in... all for less than 100$!! thats like 6 bucks each!! (:
- chatted on the phone
- GOT TWO LETTERS IN THE MAIL!!! ry and sara rock my world.
- some pictures hung
- laundry

pretty good for a day. ( :

and let me do a quick clarification. Dr Ahearn AND my dad are doing the wedding! (: DR A is doing the beginning stuff. dad is doing all the other stuff. that way dad can walk me down the aisle, and Dr a can be involved... bc we LOVE him!!

ok. enough rambles. back to decorating. and watching cable. haha...

love & peace

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