Thursday, June 11, 2009


.... for the cable & internet people to come.

still no internet.
but magically i have it. at my house.

grrr. oh well. at least ill have excellent service, and 75 channels of TV to entertain me once they hook it up.

working on the wedding invites and guest list madness.
pain in the boo-tay. about now is when running away with the best friends and immediate family and taking a cruise to get married sounds AWESOME. somehow a 300 person guest list for a chapel that seats 130 just isn't adding up.... oh well. it will work out im sure.

im pretty sure i could NOT send out invitations- and the chapel would be full of my friends and family that know about the event. why do i really need to spend more money technically "inviting" people. people know if they are invited or not. plus between the wedding party and all those who are taking part in the ceremony i mean thats like 120 folks right there. not to mention tack on the SIXTEEN UMC PASTORS that are on the guest list. good grief. this should be one methodist wedding.

i did have a dream about the wedding. and it was not a nightmare. it was PERFECT!
started with alvin playing the piano. dad walking me down to the aisle to dr ahearn and ryan. and everything was great! best wedding dream ive had!!

anyway. i believe its 65 days to the big day. things are going great... well except for the guest list. and well heck. ill prob end up inviting all 300 folks... and playin my dice that only 120 will come!! hahah!! oh heaveeennnsss.

ok enough rambling. back to invitation making.

love & peace .


BEAT said...

OMG! Is Ahearn marrying y'all? Really? Amazing!

jlindsey said...

We'll watch from the open doors! very exciting!!