Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i loveeeee working nights.
well 3-3.
for many reasons...
1. 3-3 is the BUSIEST time of the day.
2. its so darn fun. like halarious. by 2.30 people are starting to act funny- make terrible jokes- laugh a lot- smile- be funnny. well at least tonight. i laughed SO HARD. one awesome thing about being in the ER- the doctors and the nurses are all first name bases. and all buds. (well mostly all). anyway the doctor workign tonight is prob one of my favs. so darn funny. sooo nice. really good. so i def laughed a lot. and had a lot of fun.
3. i think i just love the ER. i actually feel like a nurse. i do nurse things. i help a lot of people. i see and meet a LOT of people. its much faster paced. there is always a lot to do. i see such a variety of things. like tonight- broken AND dislocated ankle. YES. DISLOCATED ankle. then some pukers. a chest pain guy. a 21 year old abdominal pain... which ill add... its so funny how things happen. seriously at one AM this morning we had THREE girls aged 21 ALL with "abdominal pain". weird how things happen like that. but it happens like that a lot. so many funny stories. i dont even know where to start. people do 1. dumb things 2. dumb things and get caught bc they get hurt 3. people do strange things and some 4. very weird things.
at times the ER is very entertaining other times- crazy stressful...

anyway. im soaking my stubbed toe. going to see the doctor tomorrow so hopefully she can fix it. haha... and getting my dress fitted tomorrow! wedding dress! woooooooo!! im just excited i get to put it on again!! (: (: (:

then going to see a movie with a friend tomorrow night! (:

def an exciting, fun, great day ahead... i hope!

off to bed.
love & peace

random pic of the day:
im sure excited to see these folks in a couple days... well minus rich plus kelsey... but i wish rich (and pops) were joining in on the fuN!

mom & brothers & i
asheville, nc
nov. 2008

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