Monday, May 23, 2011

filled up.

wellllll. we are back from colorado. 
after an INCREDIBLE week with my husband- that FLEW by-- we are home to hot and sunny north carolina. 
we had an incredible time hiking- playing in snow- touring breweries- exploring new towns- went to a meadery (honey wine. mm)- walked a million miles- stayed at an INCREDIBLE bed & breakfast, saw ginormous mountains- saw more snow that i dreamed- laughed- played- and enjoyed life. 

but now--- today--- back to school for me. 
i sat down and went through all my syllabi and am getting caught up on work from last week. 
i got seriously organized though-- and put all my dates in my calendar. 

from an empty month that looks something like this: 

to a month that looks like this: 
full of school, work, meetings, and every assignment in between. 
bring it on. 

(and thats just one month. and doesn't include clinicals every thursday & friday)
july & august look equally as full. 

time for some espanol. 
love & peace--

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