Wednesday, May 25, 2011



so im in spanish this summer.
i was quite worried-- due to my lack of spanish speaking in oh say 5 years. the last spanish i took was sophomore year of college--- luckily i know some pretty decent splangish and do a fair job of communicating with my patients at work. today i had my first clase de espanol. i was a bit worried (preocupado) but. luckily. i knew everything we talked about today in class. i knew the verbs & the vocabulary. thannnkkkk goodness. i am fairly certain i know more spanish than most of the class--- but don't get me wrong. im going to have to study a lot! i don't know ANNYYY medical spanish. we didn't cover any of that today. so that part is going to be tricky. luckily i have a good foundation. and a HUGE desire to speak fluently.

it should be an interesting summer no doubt. 4 classes. moving. driving to durham from canton every wednesday. 2 days of clinical rotations each week. while getting settled in a new house. and running two races. oh and my brother gets married. annnnd my grandma turns 80 and we are having a big throw weekend long throw down. ((the last two things im pumped about. they will be super awesome. and im really excited about moving)) but oh geeze. its gonna be a doooozy. oh yeah. and i have a job. i go back to work tomorrow. but.... only 6 more full days of work before my retirement. thats going to be marvelous. one less thing to worry about!

welp. adios.
 amor y paz.

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