Wednesday, May 18, 2011


its beautiful here.
we saw the rocky mountains yesterday.
today--- we saw snow. lots of it. in fact since 8am its been snowing and has not stopped.
we went hiking anyway.
around 6 miles! saw some incredible sites. waterfalls snowed over. 20 foot snow drifts. we hiked on a snowy trail that was only 'paved' by other hikers. it was single file. and over the bridges the snow was higher than the rails on the bridge. it was insane.
most incredible snow ive ever seen.
but kinda sucks.
1. you get wet.
2. its cold.
3. there are no incredible views.

tonight we are cuddling up in our cozy cabin.
the snow is falling outside and we have some movies to watch.
should be a lovely cozy night.

love & peace from snowy colorado!

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