Thursday, July 29, 2010


the before:

unorganized. messy. wasted space. and NO WHERE TO STUDY. (even if the sewing machine was not in the way)


calm. white. small lamp. stack of books (that will soon be replaced with school books. more space to spread out study materials (as you can see the stats book & calculator) and yes. a mountain dew.

so the desk: its the old desk, i just removed the top piece (which opened up a lot more room) and covered it in plain white contact paper. it works PERFECTLY. there are a few bumpies here and there, but i dont mind. the white is SO MUCH BETTER than the nasty fake DARK wood.

a shadow box is where i have my fun stuff. instead of taped to the wall- i put it all in here. its still fun and has lots of good things in it, its just a bit more grown up. :) ps it was 10 bucks at TJ max!

next up the lamp. it was a salvation army find. it was HIDEOUS gold and was missing a shade- so for a dollar i bought it, painted it blue for another dollar, then bought a 10$ silvery/gray shade. i like the smaller lamp instead of the big overhead light. especially on the nights that i'll be staying up late studying and writing! of course a candle is a must. and the pencil holder was a fun color and 2$ at TJ maxx.

lastly the overhead shelf. I can't put much weight up there, but its perfect for holding my MASON jars full of my colored pencils & highlighters. My corner study nook has a beachy theme- so i have the beach picture and a mason jar filled with sea glass. the shelf we had. mason jars were 10cents each at a secondhand shop.

underneath the desk i redid the 3 drawer container that you can see in the first picture. it was full of crap... really. so i emptied it out and put only essentials for bills, and school.

this was a simple weekend project that i did a few weeks ago and i LOVE.
it makes my lil study nook so much better-- and more inviting!
hopefully i'll feel this way in a couple of months when school is in full swing!!

next house project is this weekend: we are repainting our kitchen table & four chairs!
they were a hand-me-down from some friends- in great shape, just a bit on the blue side. so we are hoping with a lil TLC we can make them even better!

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Laura Ann. said...

Love this! I wish I had an awesome study spot! I just live on one half of our living room couch with 2 TV trays as a desk (and a messy one at that). Our house is too small.

You're going to do great! Keep me updated on how things are going!