Thursday, July 29, 2010


you may remember... two months ago i took my statistics final.
i finished my project.
i was DONE! and was soooooo excited.
until last week.

my statistics final was somehow lost.
either by a person- or in the mail.
so last weekend (ok on sunday) i got back out my book to look over what i studied for TWO MONTHS AGO.

its one thing to take a final at the end of the semester... you've been preparing for it!
its totally different if there is a two month hiatus, and then BOOM.
i must take my final.

so yesterday i studied for several hours.
looked over my old tests.
and today im doing a bit of studying again.

my final is tonight at 7:00.
online- so it can't be lost this time.

im not going to be prepared.... but as long as i make a 37 then I'll pass the class.
yes. a 37. i feel totally confident i can make that.
and maybe just maybe the teacher will give me some 'pity' curve.

who knows. oh well. such is life.
love & peace

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