Saturday, July 31, 2010


here are some random thoughts:

- i love my husband. im crazy about him. he did laundry this morning, put away all the clean dishes, and made the bed while i was away this morning at a meeting. oh. AND he put a mountain dew in the fridge for me to have when i got home. yeah. as he said 'i know you like the back of my hand'. really. that mountain dew surprise in the fridge... all it takes for me to be a happy girl.

- i talked to sara on the phone today. made me miss her. i wish i were with her! cake tasting, beach bumming, dress shopping, being besties.... oh well. im so grateful for phones and ichat.

- i was driving into durham today and noticed the city sign. it says "welcome to durham. the city of medicine". dang. what a place to live & study medicine. i live in the city of medicine. sometimes i forget how lucky i am. im going to be studying something i love and enjoy at the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to study it. dang.

-its a rainy day. i love rainy days. makes me want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. maybe we will do that....

-or maybe i will sand and paint our new kitchen table and chairs.

yeah... im going with the later.

off to do a bit of home stuff... with my sweetie.

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Julia said...

Actually painting on rainy days is not so much fun, it is cooler outside, so it is tempting, but the 'wetness' makes the paint dry a lot slower!! So maybe a little of the first and just sanding the table/chairs!!