Sunday, March 7, 2010

fire & tradition

to no surprise duke dominated last night.
at the ten minute mark ryan and i drove up to campus-
listening to the game via radio.
it was so exciting though...
we pulled into campus,
got lucky and found a spot.
parked and listened to the remainder of the game in the car just waiting for it to end.
as soon as it was over we started towards the main part of campus.
such excitement!
we just DESTROYED our biggest opponent.
as we take off, we are joined by the masses.
people are pouring out of dorms
and join us in our venture to the quad.
there are helicopters patrolling over head
(yes. police copters)
and there are police, ems, & fire trucks all over.
(its a VERY controlled situation)
but that doesn't take away from the craziness that ensues
by the crazies....

the tradition is that when we beat unc in cameron the undergrads start burning everything... mainly the benches on campus. but there were lots of other random things thrown in that fire.

about the benches.... they are built just FOR THE BURNING.
they are all over campus, and the undergrads go around and find them and bring them into the fire.

after 2 hours of bon-fire-ness
seeing a couple players
and enjoying the may-hem
ry & i called it a night

but man oh man it was fun.
and supppperb that we beat carolina. :)

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Elissa said...

hey i know allison and julia, and read your blog because she linked to it in hers.

I am a huge Duke fan, so i am very jealous! but throughoughly enjoyed your blog!

fyi though, you had a typo though you said when we beat Duke instead of when we beat unc.