Saturday, March 6, 2010

tobacco road...

you may, or may not, have any idea what today is.
but for durham ::duke really:: its the biggest day of the year.
unc comes over and plays in our house.

i can't describe the madness to you...
people camp out for MONTHS. snow. sleet. hail. rain.
to see ONE basketball game.
that should show you that its not just any game- its THE game.
the only game that really matters.

the HATE for carolina is unlike anything one can describe.
its truly one of those things outsiders just can't and won't understand.
i know... its weird.
i know i sound crazy...
but trust me. if you lived here going on two years, had a spouse at duke, and lived in DUKE forest, oh and WORKED AT DUKE... you would understand.

you HAVE to pick a team- pick a color.
its the battle of the blues...
and its INTENSE

anyway... the action takes place tonight.
cameron indoor.
(which is approx two miles from my house)

since ry is a grad student he is a little different. they only have to do the camp out weekend in the fall for their ticket. he didn't win one, so he could have chose to camp out last night to hopefully get in, but he decided his nice, warm cozy bed with his wife was better. :) i support that. we will be enjoying the game from the comfort of our house... then heading to campus after we win (because we will) for the celebration.

to help YOU understand a little more of the madness enjoy the following videos.

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