Friday, February 19, 2010


ive cut two things out of my life...
and the two past days have been the most peaceful, soothing days i can remember.
no tv means i hear birds! i hear the wind! i see the SUNSHINE!
and i read... a lot. which is a GREAT thing.
and i exercise.
and spend time with the Lord.
and well without facebook, life is just better. hahaa....
i spend probably 90% LESS time on my computer than i did before.
its just refreshing to read. ponder. listen to my husband. enjoy tv time with him alone in the evenings (thats when tv is ok, if enjoying it with family/friends)
life is good. granted its only 2 days in, and i may be getting bored in the coming weeks, but for now, its goooooood.

a few "announcements" to make via blog.
1. ryan & i are getting new computers... excited is an understatement. we are THRILLLLED. its time... for BOTH of us.

2. im enrolled in school. no not duke. (at least not yet) but the University of New England. sounds cool huh!?!?! :) it is a great school apparently, and they have this AWESOME distance learning program. so i can take statistics online through them. and its not just statistics, but stats for the healthcare professional, which im HOPING will make it much much better. although looking at the syllabus im a bit nervous! ill start within the next 7-10days. its online/via DVD. i watch classes via DVD then do HW and projects and turn them in online.

3. i found a HUTCH! ive been looking for MONTHS for a hutch/cabinet/piece of furniture for our lil "dining area". i didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, but i wanted it to be nice and something we could use in our possibly numerous, random houses down the road.
i went into our "habitat hand me up store" (used furniture and STUFF store) where ALLLL the money goes to habitat for humanity. and i found the perfect piece.
its a corner hutch.
pretty wood.
glass doors up top.
wooden doors at the bottom to hide crap.
and its soooo pretty.
and right now our dishes look GREAT in it, but i can so see us using it for anything!
it was a FANTASTIC price. and a good friend helped me move it for free!
such a hidden treasure! wooohooooo

the end... i may go for a walk now. its GORGEOUS outside.

love & peace

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Julia said...

i love that store!! and i'm proud of your lent choices! be strong you can do it!