Monday, February 22, 2010

monday thanks

as with every monday there are so many things to be thanful for...

here is what the journal has for this past week:

...the sounds of birds chirping.... and the promise that spring will be here soon
.... finding a treasure
....wearing a skirt!
.... the smiling face of a dear friend
.....67degree weather!
... the winter olympics
... curling
... finishing the stupid fafsa
... spending time & being excited with mere
... free lunch after church
... then free leftovers (and i mean platters and platters of food, all just given to us)
... spending the morning writing a sermon with ryan
... a nice helpful funny guy at the apple store when we
... yes. im thankful for our mr. & mrs. matching macbooks
... the student discount we got on both
... the FREE office (word, xcel, etc) we got from duke
... and the free laptop case and covers we are getting with a giftcard leftover from christmas
...talking on ichat with my bestest friend

our lives have been forever changed.
already seen the magic of this lil computer.
between ichat, "faces" on iphoto, the magical spotlight, and soooo much more. its just amazing.
and something i am very thankful we were able to do.

love & peace to all of you out there.
hope your rainy ?!? monday is as good as ours.

oh... and keep the middle brother in your prayers.
he knocked part of his front tooth out, getting a root canal today and they are going to like "rebuild" his tooth?!? just thinking lots of pain. and crappiness. and especially since its his FRONT tooth- it needs to look decent ya know! poor guy. his name is rich.
he is the one on the right.


Kristin said...

YAY for macbooks and God's provision!!!! :)

HF said...

yay for macbooks for you and ryan!! mine has made my technical world much simpler--hooray for that! i love hearing your monday thankfulness lists. :) thanks for sharing!