Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i really love this computer.
its been fan-tab-u-lous

and today ive had such a nice day-

slept in.
spent some time with the hubs.
played on the comp.
read some goodness.
then searched online for a comp case.
i started in etsy... and realized.
i can sooooo make that.
so i left my house and went to joann's fabric shop.
bought some fabric.
came home.
found an awesome "how to make a computer case for the macbook".
and started making one.
im quite far along... then the bro in law came by.

so now we are all sitting around on our comps-
talking and hanging out.
mere is coming over....
and im looking forward to a good enjoyable family night.

:) hope you are doing well out there...

love & peace

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