Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sewing sweetness

have i ever told you i like to sew?
well really i love it.
i love the challenge- with the awesome end result.
i love getting in the zone- and being there.
i love thinking things through, figuring out which stitch to use & where-
thinking about how to attach things and what to leave open so i can flip it through-
i love that my sewing machine was a gift from my grandma-
and my knowledge of how to sew... also a gift from her.
i dont remember a time in my life when i didn't know how to sew.
i was the first (and for 12 years the only) granddaughter so i think i just got "stuck" learning... but loved every minute of it.
at this point in my life i have time to sew, and for that im so grateful.

like i said earlier today, i spent a lot of time looking for a case for my computer online, when i realized i could soooo make one.
so thats what i did.
i spent a couple hours in my sewing room- and this is the end result... and im THRILLED!!!

::the outside is a great bright green pattern::
the inside lined with white flannel and a bright pink pattern

here you can see the white flannel, which is on both sides, just the one has pink also (since its a flap)
here you can also see the lil attachment to attach the strap (in case you want to carry it over the shoulder)

my pretty mac in her new home

and here is the back complete with a pocket
for that extra pen, or perhaps the charger, or even a notecard or two

my laptop has a home!
and this home will keep her safe, until i get a hard plastic shell

anyway.... hope you have a wonderful wednesday
im off to read before i hop in my warm bed

love & peace


PSIrwin said...

good job dani! it is super cute and functional too!
way to go sew-er.

Sara said...

a notecard...haha getting back in the school mode! looks awesome!

Teresa said...

So cute! I wish I knew how to sew like that! :)