Wednesday, February 17, 2010


about my BIRTHDAY!
its still a few weeks away, but just thinking about it gets me excited.
even a lil giddy inside.

so for birthdays- ry & i have decided we will do mini trips.
why buy presents when we can just go somewhere, get away for a weekend, and it will be far more meaningful and memorable!

for his bday you may remember we went to raleigh for a night and enjoyed a concert and a realllllllly nice hotel.

so for my birthday.... we are going to asheville!
to the biltmore!!
and are staying in an awesome, precious bed & breakfast!!

oh my goodness.
im so excited.
just looking at the pics of the b&b get me excited.
lil creek outside, mountains, beautiful gardens

it will be the PERFECT relaxing weekend for the two of us!

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