Thursday, April 9, 2009

precious moment

my favorite guatemalan boy was this guy...
ok one of my favorite. i had 2 or 3.
anyway. this guy was
beside on up there.
i dont really know what his name was... but it sounded kinda like "deiddre" or something. thats the point.
he was always around- i dont think he went to school all week- he just hung out with us.
so one of my favorite moments was a time i was with him. i was quite frustrated because I felt like I could not do a thing- since i was so weak and sick.
about that time D and I were hanging out when a girl told me i should read him some stories in spanish from the Bible...
she handed me a pile of around 20 books that were children's Bible stories in spanish.

i asked D if he wanted me to read them to him and he was so excited. he gathered his little friends around and for a good 45 minutes i read story after story in spanish to these guys. it was such a wonderful experience.
It was so neat to see how God can use us even if we are sick and miserable. God can take a simple task and turn it into an afternoon treat!
these boys were such a blessing to me.
their smiles. the love they showed me. and the excitement they had to hear Bible stories. It was a fun afternoon and one of my favorite moments of the trip.

::update on the illness- who knows. my stomach has settled down a bit, but im still not eating much and far from 100% keep the belly in your prayers. its all over the place.
in other news... im heading to savannah this weekend for a snider family easter. looking forward to it. hopefully the tummy will hold up.

hope you are all well out there in blog land.
love & peace

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