Tuesday, April 7, 2009

story numero uno

here is my first guatemalan story... and it happened exactly a week ago.
its a bit graphic. beware... remember.... i am a nurse.

last monday as i was soaking up the rays of the guatemalan sun- i started to feel just a little funny. we had a "lovely" lunch of fish. whole fish. head and eye included.
ask anyone on the team... i "LOVED" it.
i did eat it though... bc we were in a village. these amazing people treated us like royalty and i was going to eat that beast... so i ate most of it. or some.
next up was dinner.
at the hotel we sit down for dinner and lucky us.
we have fish for dinner.
again whole fish. head and eye included.
at the hotel we paid for our meals so i did not in the least bit- feel bad passing on my fish to a hungry male teammate (lets just say i did that a lot).
moving on. by bedtime i was feeling a lil sour, but not too bad.
until midnight. terror struck.
to be non-graphic ill just say i was sick.
very sick.
alllllll night long.
so that continued and i laid around the hotel the next day (due to the sickness)
after this i never quite felt 100%
i mean i had NOTHING in me.
it was hot.
and my stomach was a disaster.
after this i pledged not to eat a thing until we were back to Antigua and were cooking our own food.... and by golly i did just that. well i ate rice. lots and lots of rice.
and crackers. and special K bars.

ok. this is dragging sorry.
anyway. i stayed a bit sickly the rest of the time.
my stomach never got better... i thought it was on its way to improvement,
until last night.
after dinner i started feeling funny.
and again. at midnight terror struck.
exactly 7 days after the first time.
i was miserable all night...
after (somehow) working 8 hours today... i made it to a doc apt
where the obvious was put into stone...
i have a nasty guatemalan bug.
hopefully some cipro (big strong antibiotic) a little nausea med, some pepto & powerade will clear up this lil infection quite soon.

oh gosh i hope.
if not i might just be drinking gatorade forever...

so yeah. pray this clears up quickly. i have to work thurs & friday. and by have to i HAVE TO.
hope you enjoyed the first guatemalan story... many more will come.
love & peace.

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