Sunday, April 12, 2009

UP from the grave He rose!

This is my favorite Easter hymn, but only because of a funny childhood memory.
Each year my dad puts this song on the lineup, and I truly believe its because of our little family joke. When litte brother B was a small tyke (at least I think he was small)... one Easter Sunday when we sang this song, each time "up" was stated, it was more of a yell from the guy. UP from the grave He rose! UP UP UP! Precious isn't it. Ever since that Sunday dad plays that song- and we all smile and look over at benny boy... and smirk.

Unfortunetly this Easter, our family row wont be packed all the way full. I am here in Savannah having a Snider Family Easter. We will be heading to church- hunt our easter baskets that get hidden around the house (yes the baskets! and yes we still get one!!) and then have a lovely big family lunch. Ive been blessed to know this family for 4 1/2 years- and Im so very blessed to have an incredible family to join. Im so greatful my "in-laws" are wonderful, sweet, funny, and have made me a part of their family for so long. Plus I'm getting an amazing sister!

So I am a tiny sad- that I wont be able to hear a fantastic sermon from dad, sit crammed in a row with my gigantic brothers and their lady friends, have a macminn family lunch full of TONS of people (my mom is MRS hospitality and sometimes invites lots of people (and sometimes random) for big dinners/lunches) just makes it more fun, lay around and hang out (and prob play wii) and just be together.

BUT the thing i'll probably miss the most- is hearing little ben sing UP from the grave He rose!

Be excited today. He did rise from the grave. UP he rose. UP UP UP!

love & peace

let me say this tiny thing. as i was writing this i realized it could have been brother R. my memory is failing me. im like 99% sure it was little ben, but mom correct me if im wrong. either way. there was a loud UP involved. and it was funny.

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