Sunday, April 19, 2009

a little more real

everything is starting to feel that way.
ryan and i went and saw our new house last night.
the future snider residence!
and it was so much better than i remember...
partly due to the fact the guy flipped like 75% of the inside!
new paint. new fixtures. new countertops.
(no new appliances though, but as long as they work!)

we have a great fireplace, a wonderful deck, cute little porch.

man. im soooo excited!!! (:

so more things that make it feel so real...
engagement pictures today!
im so excited, ryan (i think) is dreading it.
i mean not too many guys are "pumped" to take a few hours of pictures.
ryans brother's girlfriend (M) is taking our pictures.
you can check out her other stuff here:

anyway. im so excited. its all becoming so real!
and next weekend ill be home!! wahooo!
to do wedding planning overload & have my first shower (thanks to the BEST maid of honor ever)

gotta get ready for church.

love & peace.


Katie B said...

pictures of the new house, please!

Anonymous said...

:) I'm with Katie.. I want PICTURES!!