Monday, April 20, 2009

day one.

of 3 in a row.
at this rate my feet are going to fall off by wednesday.

went to get new shoes tonight.
ive worn my privo's out.
PRIVO- look it up.
best shoe in the world.
at least for my broken, tendinitis filled, fascia swollen feet.

anyway. i went to the store to get a new pair.
like 8 different styles.
only ONE pair of 9 1/2 (and one pair of 10)
and they were black.
boyish & gross.

darn my enormous feet. grrrr.
oh well. my hunt online begins now.

2 days of work.... then 7 days home in ga!
super excited.... yes indeed.

off to bed. keep me in your prayers. God just might be doing something exciting in my life...
as if my life is not exciting enough!? really. i know. but God is so good & I am so grateful and excited about some possibilities He has thrown my way.

yes im vague. sorry. anyway. in case you forgot: im getting married in FOUR months!

:engagement pics were awesome. all 600. loads of fun::

off to bed. no really this time i am.

love & peace.

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