Wednesday, April 22, 2009


folds that is.
ben folds for free = best show ever

maybe not ever. but its on up there.
so fun. so great. so talented. sounds perfect.

the only downside were the OBNOXIOUS, LOUD, ANNOYING, RIDICULOUSLY drunk undergrads. oh good grief. that part was terrible.

but the music. that part was great.

and katie B when this song came on i thought of you and danced my little heart away for you.
one of my most fondest memories from college was freshman year when ryan, nate, katie, & i drove to NC and listened to a whole lot of ben folds.

anyway. it was fun.

dont worry im going to bed to get a lot of sleep.
then going to pack. clean. pay bills. eat lunch. then hit the road.
my luck ill hit atlanta right at rush hour.

ok. peace & love.
see you SOON!

ps. this is the best ben folds song... that might just be heard at some point on aug 15...

1 comment:

BEAT said...

And I always say it is the "B**** Went Nuts." No really, "Army" is my favorite Ben Folds Song.