Saturday, April 25, 2009


its so good to be home.
i miss being here so much.
i love being with my family.
laughing with them. hanging out. taking pictures of little bros at prom.
i love being with my best friend and having her to discuss life with.
i love having her to laugh with and be silly little girls again.
i love being in lagrange. it is my home. ...and always will be.
i love walking around and seeing familiar faces. always seeing familiar faces.
i love knowing where i am and where i am going and knowing exactly how to get there.
i love going into target and knowing exactly how its laid out and where i need what i want.
i just love being here.

yesterday brought a lot of successful wedding goodness: found suits for the men, bought the wedding invites! starting organizing the plans for the weekend of.
today hopefully will bring more: going to the reception place to do stuff and chat with the lady and then going to do a few other wedding things

should be fun. if you live in columbus or lagrange, hopefully ill get to see you while in town!

love & peace

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