Friday, April 17, 2009


but fun day.

worked 10 hours.
went to a Divinity School family/friend Picnic Dinner (since today was as dukiescall it: Ldoc... (at least for the div school anyway) other schools simply think of it as the last day of class... not at duke. its a HUGE day) anyway. after picnic dinner with friends went to a broadway revue that the div school put on. so fabulous. ha-larious. great talent. and loads of fun... sadly i had to leave at intermission because i work tomorrow.

but i did get an exciting thing in the mail today...

wahooOOo! ryan & I will begin the process of moving all of our stuff into one location and getting it set up. and yes it will probably take until August to get it ready for us... so we are going to check out the pad soon! (since ry has not seen it... ahhahaha!!)

i need to sleep. im beat! but man oh man what a gorgeous day it was today! sad ill be working all day tomorrow, but yay for sunday off... then 3 days of work... then 7 days off to go HOME TO GA!!!

oh and more about "LDOC" which is pronounced- L-doc. so. the actual school wide L-doc is wednesday (div is early)- its not even a real day of class. all day long there are parties and festivities. concerts. free food (all 3 meals). drinks. music. its crazy! and the best/coolest/most awesome part... the L-doc night is topped off with a FREE yes FREE concert of Ben Folds Five... one of the most fantastic bands ever. or persons. or whatever. but still. yes. ben folds. free. for anyone & everyone.

oh how i love duke.

anyway off to bed. i have to rest up for the many festivities to come!

love & peace.

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BEAT said...

We had our community dinner tonight at VDS. It was Earth Day themed. Sustainable/local food. Rites of Spring which is the School's Spring concert over two days. TI and Flaming Lips are the big acts. Hope it was a fun evening. I know it was for me!