Wednesday, March 11, 2009

twenty three my age. as of today.
sounds strange and old and YIKES!
but then again... here at work. i am the youngest. and they all tell me how far along i am and accomplished i am for 23. so that makes me feel much better. i am quite young. i have SO much life ahead of me. its pretty darn exciting.

and im thinking this year is going to be a pretty crazy one! i mean for one... im getting MARRIED!! for another im moving (which is always fun to start over) this time the whole entire place is mine to decorate!! (well with ry's help). im also probably going to start some type of schooling the next year. i am going to start studying spanish much more. and i plan to take the GRE. hmm... i think this just turned into a "new years resolution" thing. but thats not a bad thing. oh. i do plan on going to the gym more. haha... thought id throw that in there.

anyway. much love & peace from a young 23 year old.


jlindsey said...

Happy Birthday!!

matt said...

Happy Birthday, Danielle! I think when I turned 23 it was the first time I felt a little "old", haha.
Enjoy the birthday!

Julia said...

happy birthday, and every birthday after i think you feel old, just wait, this year i turn 25 and Audie turns 30!!! AHH!!