Tuesday, March 10, 2009


so by red and crispy- i meant burnt to a crisp. and feeling quite miserable. no one has to tell me. i know i should have put on sunscreen on my entire body, but i didn't and am now feeling the consequences. but good grief. i am miserable! can't sleep (which makes me exhausted at work). the creases in my knees are burnt so every step i take hurts. and am kinda nauseous due to smoething. i will say im drinking lots of water and gatorade to help fight the dehydration and last night i took a bath in tea bags. actually quite soothing. realllly soothing to my legs. for a little. also taking ibuprophen around the clock. to help with pain and swelling. blah blah. i want to get in bed!! or in a nice big indoor pool. to soak.

love & peace.

ps. i still LOVE the beach.

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jlindsey said...

Oh you poor child...I'm feelin' your pain! Try a bath with vinegar!