Sunday, March 8, 2009


it really works.
too bad i didn't use any on my upper back or legs. any of my legs.
so basically i have the worst redness ever... splotchy and crazy lines. all over the place from where i had sunscreen and where i didnt. luckily i have aloe... and hopefully it will not be too bad by morning.

speaking of morning i work tomorrow...

but today at the beach was wonderful. ill probably just think of that if i get stressed out tomorrow. ill just pause and remeber the sun. and the waves. i love the beach. a wholeeee lot.

and yes i know. next time i will apply sunscreen much better. i know i know. skin is sensitive. sun is dangerous. im killing myself everytime i get a little toasty.

ill do better next time. promise.

i will say at the time it was perfect. felt sooo good outside. bright sky. lovely day.

anyway. im gonna get things together and get ready for bed.

peace & love.

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