Saturday, March 7, 2009

lovely day.

sunny with a high of 78. that was my delightful day!
tomorrow is promising more of the same!
and since i have nothing to do tomorrow...
i am off to the beach for the day!

luckily its a 2 hour jump over from here- which is not to bad!
considering i grew up 4-5 hours from the ocean- 2 hours is nothin!
a friend is going with me so i am looking forward to the day away!!
at my favorite place in the world... the ocean.

today was a great day in and of itself though!
i got loads of things done, such as laundry, an art project, baked brownies, watched my FAVORITE MOVIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD: ten things i hate about you.
i am now watching harry potter 4...
before i head to bed and read harry potter 5. :)

anyway. set your clocks forward!! its springtime! yay!!

off to the beach!
peace & love.

1 comment:

PSIrwin said...

love the spring edition title!
it's too cute!