Friday, March 6, 2009

friday night... flying solo

so today marked ryan's beginning to "sb09"... aka spring break.
he and some fella's hit the road to a friends beach trailer. yes. trailer. not house. hahaahhaha... apparently its reallly nice though. its just fun saying it like its redneck trash. haha. anyway. he headed to the beach with the fellas for a few days of manland fun.
so since he is gone- i am flying solo this evening. luckily i had dinner after work with a friend from work- and now am home and relaxin! i plan to read some harry potter tonight and just enjoy this comfy bed of mine.

work was good today... i was in the emergency room!! so fun. definitely my style. i love it in there. the pace. the atmosphere. it was a really good experience. and really what i needed. God always provided exactly what you need doesn't he. anyway... it was a good change of scenery and made for a good fun day.

this weekend i dont plan on doing much of anything!! going into work to do a lil class thing, reading some harry, cleaning a little, and just relaxing. i am quite excited!

thats all for now.
peace & love.

**the following are pictures from sb08! last year we roadtrip'd it... all over ga and fl- it was FANTASTIC. one of the best trips ive ever been on. here are some snapshots... oh how i wish i were going to west palm beach this year! enjoy!!

they are "so cool"


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