Wednesday, March 4, 2009


today i splurged. on myself.
well sorta.
the only reason i say i splurged was because technically the item i bought was not on sale. and thats a big no-no for me. really. i NEVER buy things unless they are on sale.... im quite the thrifty one. but today when i saw this purse i was sold. now granted, i did purchase this item at TJMAXX where it was already 50% off of the retail price... which is why i did purchase it. and in reality- for a nice purse it was not much. but here she is. the straps are a nice "salmon" color leathery stuff, the very bottom is the same. its lined on the inside. (first purse that has such a thing... no really) and while its still a "nice grown up purse" it has a TOTALLy fun awesome design. i LOVE it. really. very springy/summery. this is probably the "nicest" purse i own. (and yes i know its not super nice, but its a few- ok a lot of steps above the typical kavu that i carry) i dont really do the whole "nice purse" thing... but this one... its a real winner. and well if you hate it, just keep it to yourself because i am wearing this guy proudly!

::the pictures dont do it justice::
you can google it if you really want... bc i know you want to... its "the sak- special design by Gilles Jourdan"

i love these birds!! and peace! happy & free!

in other news today:
- i cooked a killer awesome dinner! wahoO! chicken & rice casserole (thanks to p
- made the first draft (and 2nd) of my SAVE THE DATE cards!! :)
- got a package from mom and dad which had my veil in it! which happens to be my MOM's VEIL!! yeahhH! im going to be wearing her veil!! sooo cool!! :)
- obviously went to tj maxx.
- read some harry potter
- went to Dr. Richard Heizenrater's retirement speech. *for those of you who dont know- he is like MR. Methodist... google him if you want. and of course Ryan being the lover of all things wesley wanted to go. i went along and it was so good. really good. i got so much out of it! his lecture was very interesting. and i was in the room as all these other "great" people in the methodist world. it was fun to be there and to see ryan so excited about it. def a cool night.
- topped it all off with LOST. which was HOLY COW SOOOO GOOD. wow. i love that show... maybe too much.

ok. i think thats PLENTY.
hope you are all well.

much love & peace.


amberbaldridge said...

Even though Heitzenrater's book might be the most boring thing I've ever had to read in my whole life, I'm still jealous that you got to see him speak.

Sara said...

love the purse :)

BEAT said...

Love the birds.

So very, very jealous of the Heitzenrater speech. Didn't know he is retiring.