Thursday, March 26, 2009


guatemala here i come

since i most likely wont be blogging while i am away here is my tentative schedule!
i am asking for loads of your prayers during my trip.
for safety! & for a good trip!

On Friday, Mar. 27:

Fly to Houston then from there the flight to Guatemala City is about 2 ½ hours. Then we have another hour + to get to Antigua to the base in Guatemala.

On Saturday, Mar. 28:

You will be going to a Jade factory tour and probably up on the mountain of the

cross. 2 markets to buy breakfast goods for the coast and snacks for the

way there. basically a nice chill day to get used to guatemala. :)

On Sunday, Mar. 29: Guatemalan I-HOP! for breakfast then

head to church. From there head to the town we will be in during the week. It takes about 4 hours to get to the hotel down in Champerico. We will be working in a village called El Rosario outside this town. We are staying in a nice hotel in Champerico during the week!

On Monday, Mar. 30: Head to the village and go to the drill site.

Day one we will drill a pilot hole. Each day I will be working with the women and children with the hygiene teaching while part of the group works on the well.

On Tuesday, Mar. 31: We will ream a larger hole, set casing, flush the well, gravel

pack the borehole, and maybe start developing the well.

On Wednesday, Apr. 1: This is development day and playing with the kids day.

On Thursday, Apr. 2: You will be setting the pump and then having a dedication service. By noon, you will be heading back to Antigua.

On Friday, Apr. 3: You will go to a coffee plantation and then be set loose to finish up your shopping. That evening, you will eat at a very nice restaurant for a celebration dinner.

On Saturday, Apr. 4: You will head back home very early! My flight gets back into Durham at 10:30pm! so it will be a very long day indeed!!

if i can post- i will but probably not. so keep us all in your prayers. ill be with a big church group out of 1st baptist of houston! :)

love & peace!



ozob said...

so as danielle's mom i would like to start a prayer room in this comment space while she is away...i will post the first one and i would ask you to do the same as God leads and as you have time available... please join me in praying for our daughter, friend, roomie, bride, and current missionary to Guatamala.

Father God, Maker of Heaven and Earth... I ask that you wrap your loving arms around Danielle and keep her safe...That you be her "go to guide"...that she feels your presence. I pray for those that she is going to help... the poor, the lost...the thirsty. Help her, help them. Give her the words to speak. The courage and wisdom to speak them. Bless her ministry. I ask that you bring her back to us...safely and quickly. Father, I ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. and Amen.

ozob said...

and from another of dani's mothers..."ms Beth"

I pray today especially for the safety of the drilling crew, that all the equipment works efficiently, for success in reaching water of sufficient depth for a long lived well, that the hygiene classes and the teachers (especially Dani) are charged with excitement at learning the link between cleanliness and health, so that the students are inspired to start implementing the knowledge immediately in home and work and spreading the word by example and shared knowledge. God speed and bless this work. -Beth

PSIrwin said...

Dearest Father,
You are the giver of water and the creator of life. Let Danielle be your hands and feet for the entire time she is in Guatemala. Father, you know her needs, you understand her body better than she does, heal her and make her strong so that she can continue to work, teach, guide, love, and drink in your awesomeness. Hands and feet Lord. She is precious to all of us. Bring her home safely and quickly but take your time molding her and teaching her, opening her eyes to your creation and breaking her heart for your people. In Jesus' precious name...Amen.

Sara said...

Sweet Jesus, Use Danielle and mold her in your image. Relax her spirit; renew her soul. Then, bring her home safely and even more prepared for the next stage in her life. amen.