Wednesday, March 25, 2009

amazing friend: P

i have an amazing friend. P. she has a blog. its called stinky sweet. you can read it over there: ----> anyway. i came home today and found a package from HER. granted she told me i was getting one... i just completely forgot about it- until i saw it. :) it made me smile and get so excited on the inside! P- im writing a blog just for you since i didnt' want to call you at 1045pm. anyway. there was good news & bad news. she sent me some AWESOME coffee mugs. 4. 2 were painted by the expert craft woman herself! they are suppper cute. bad news is: the one that says: Mr S. (my new name) is broken. BUT THE ONE THAT SAYS MRS S IS PERFECT!!! haha... so yay me!! sadly another one was broken, but one other lived. so 2/4 isn't too bad?!?! sad but true. and im pretty sure Mr. S's cup is salvagable! anyway- they are awesome!! and now i have a cup with MY NEW NAME!! ahhH! still seems so weird! anyway. i got some cute luggage tags & a passport holder & great cards too!!

so moving on to the luggage tags- they will get some good use as I pack up TOMORROW for the big trip. i am so thrilled. really i can't wait!! tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy, but i know it will be fine!

off to bed so i can read some espanol and get some sleep.

love & peace

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PSIrwin said...

i can make another...easy peasy!