Thursday, January 15, 2009

wishing i were flying...

.... to the galapagos.

sara is there.
i wish i were too.
with her. and ryan.
it would be so fun to
be on a boat for 8 days
although it might make me
sick. seasick that is. but i still
want to go. i got an update from
sara. she is doing great. having fun
and wearing lots of sunscreen. which
is essential for her. she is white. reallllllll
white. and has red hair and freckles. its ok
to be white though sara. dont worry. i am too!
so yeah. im here. wishing i were on an airplane flying
to the galapagos. maye one day ill go see the animals. and
play. i think it would be cool. ok. thats all for now. must get
back to doing something important. haha.... or maybe ill google
pics of the galapagos islands. yeah. ill do that. well, peace and love.

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