Tuesday, January 13, 2009


... not really.
sorry. but if you go here: http://joy-in-me.blogspot.com/
you will see pics from my weekend adventure!

yeah... thats sara's site. and i bet the 4 people that DO read this... read her's also. so youve prob already seen the pics. haha.... anyway. she is in SOUTH AMERICA right now! keep her in your prayers!

ive already had like 4 instances where i would have normally texted her... but i can't. i mean i could. and i know im going to... but im trying to hold back. i dont want her to come back in the country and have like 14 million texts from me!!

anyway... on a different note... i love me some ryan.
first off each day that i work he cooks me dinner and waits to eat with me when i get off. normally around 730. well tonight i didn't even leave work until 7.50. (long day) which puts me to his house close to 8.15. anyway. i kept texting him telling him to not worry about dinner/go ahead and eat. BUT sweet boy made me dinner anyway AND waited for me to get home to eat with me so we could sit at the table and discuss and chat about our day. i mean come on... he is such a fabulous man!! i sure am lucky to have him in my life! and im sooo greatful for the joy he brings!

hope you are all well. posts and pictures and smiles to come.

love and peace.

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