Monday, January 12, 2009

weekend collage.. .

1. i apologize... these are not my pictures. (well the first one is) the others are off google. my camera is at ry's house... but i didn't want to leave you empty handed until wednesday (my next day off) SO here is a collage from our weekend in asheville! we had a BLAST! being best friends, staying up late laughing and talking and figuring out life. it was so wonderful to be together!

me. and her. bff. sisters separated at birth...
but with the same upbringing...

red wine and chocolate seminar. mmm
wine tasting @ the winery @ the biltmore

the parkway... that we ventured on.

black mountain.

the palace. and the great hall inside...

so as soon as i get my pics ill put them up.
but it was a super fun weekend at the biltmore and on the parkway.
tomorrow say-ra is off to the galapagos... so keep her in your prayers! she is going to be on a boat for 8 days!!

im off to bed. work tomorrow. yipee.

love and peace.


Sara said...

you are too creative. love it. love YOU!


You are our other daughter so come visit the "rents" sometime.

KGarv said...

oh, you went to my house? cool.