Monday, January 19, 2009

beach. snow. yes.

yesterday i went to the beach.
ry and i got up and went to the beach- went to an awesome battleship. headed to downtown wilmington. went to a fantastic (but dead) arboretum. it was cool. we will go back there. then headed to the beach and had a marvelous dinner at a restaurant on the water. it was wonderful. did i mention it rained? oh yeah. the whole day. didn't stop until we got back to durham last night. but thats ok. it was still fun. we still got sandy at the beach. still walked around with an umbrella at the garden. we didnt let a lil rain dampen our day! so yeah. it was fantastic.

so after leaving the beach we get back to durham and see the weather forecast: snow. tonight and tomorrow. 2-4 inches. yeahhhhh. talk about excitement. holy cow. i hope it snows!

anyway. let me do a quick update on my house. we have no heat and no hot water. yes. you read correctly. AND sat the wind chill was single digits!! so needless to say my roomies and i are staying all over the place bc its RIDICULOUS HERE!! we are in and out along with the landlord and other folks trying to get it fixed. i think its like a leak in the hot water heater. ugh. terrible!!

so yeah. its cold. reallll cold.

today im off to play with my favorite kids in the whole world!! the little lingenfelters are in town and im pumped!

so off to be a kid.

love and peace.

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