Thursday, January 22, 2009


1. pray for paula and chad and co. their families need love and comfort.
2. im tired, but had a great day. lovely day off. still so weird to drive around and see snow- but i love it. im enjoying it. ry and i even had a lil mini snowball fight today. cute. huh.
3. God is so good and provides. ALWAYS. i sent in my check to living water for my trip to Guatemala. God just handed me the money through so many of YOU generously supporting me, and he used my dad's church in an amazing way. its really exciting to see what God has in store.
4. i work tomorrow. i just hope and pray its better than yesterday. i dont know if i can take many more days like that. really.
5. i miss my friends from lagrange a lot these days... well last night LOST premiered. OMG. it was wonderful and exciting... but it was SO DIFFERENT just watching it with ry! we are used to all of our best friends piled up on couches eating lots of food and just staring in silence at the show. man oh man i miss you guys...

thats the rundown for today.
off to bed.
love and peace.

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