Wednesday, January 21, 2009

kiddies + snow = fun

sorry. the pics are HUGE! i have no idea why. but if you click on them they will be much better to view. enjoy the kiddies in the snow! :) looks like they had a blast!! in the SEVEN INCHES!!

ps. its sooooo weird to drive around/ drive home/ drive to work and there is still SNOW and ice but mostly SNOW everywhere. still. so strange. my neighborhood especially bc its so wooded... parts of the road still only have tire tracks on either side. i just gotta line up my tires and go!

wow. unbeliveable. anyway. work sucked. i was there almost 14 hours. but im goign to bed and forgetting all about it... sit back and enjoy the SNOW!! :)

love and peace.

ps the lingenfelters should be back in action soon! hope you enjoyed the pics

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jlindsey said...

You ROCK for hanging out with my kids! Thanks so much!