Tuesday, January 20, 2009


before i tell you about the magical part to my day. let me tell you about the horrible part.
i got stuck.
i was trying to make it up a hill in the xterra, but it was so icy the "off road machine" couldnt get up a hill. im not kidding. mom told me "well you need to think of a solution to the problem. and make it happen." so i thought. ok. what the heck am i supposed to do. i start looking around. i can go downhill but not up. i cant go all the way down because there are other cars at the bottom of the hill stranded just like me. i see a driveway. its my only option. i back down the hill and back into this driveway. i ring the doorbell. sweet great lady answers. probably thinks im crazy, but i ask if i can leave my car here. im stuck. so i did. and then the big question, well what are you going to do dear? my response. "walk?!"
so i walk. 2.2 miles back to ryans house. in the snow.
but it was beautiful. quiet. peaceful. lovely. (but yes. cold)

anyway. after the ice melted i was able to go back and get my car and get it to ry's. we then took ry's car (because its wayyy better in these conditions. go figure.) and ventured to duke gardens ... excuse me. narnia. because really. it was magical.

here are pictures from my trip to narnia today. enjoy...

my house.

the gardens:

"the walk"

these shoes were NOT made for walking.
especially 2 miles in the snow...
its ok. at least i had some!

"THE hill"more gardens:

what a killer awesome sunset. and yes. that circle IS the sun.

cotton! ...or snow.

and ps. for those of you wondering about the kiddies... i was unable to see them (due to the fact i couldnt even get home) BUT got a quick chat. they loved the snow. made snow ice cream. tried to make a snowman (didn't work too well) but still tried. and i will have pictures for you all once i get them from their super awesome friend elizabeth!

peace and love- from a cooold lil girl!

(and yes. i do work tomorrow. no worries. if i can't get to work they will come GET ME. wow.)


ozob said...

for the 4 people that read this blog... you do realize that those are bedroom slippers... such a georgia girl!!!

Lee said...

those pictures are AWESOME!! the story about your car is hysterical... only you!