Tuesday, January 20, 2009

good news. bad news.

the good news is: its snowing!
the bad news is: its snowing!

we (north carolinians) woke up to a very very white morning.
tons of snow. (well for me it is)
i woke up around 8 and it was pouring snow. here it is 10 and its STILL pouring snow outside!
its so so beautiful. i LOVE it. reallly. well except for the fact i have some errands to run (like going by my house and seeing how the heat is doing) but all are within 5 miles of my current locale)

the bad news is really that i most likely wont be able to go see the kiddies today!
seeing that yesterday (on a normal day) it took me about 25-30mins to get to them.
today with the pouring snow and icy cold roads it would take much longer... and driving on an interstate in this would not be too fun.

so sadly i wont be able to post any pics of the kids playing in snow. :(
but trust me. i have a feeeling they are just DYING to get out in it! i mean I AM!! well not yet. its still pouring from the sky and looks awfully cold out there.

ill be taking LOTS of pics today... and will post them throughout the day.
im going to attempt to make a homemade hearty chicken and rice soup.
we shall see how it goes!
enjoy the pics!
for now im off to galavant in the snow!

peace and love.

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