Friday, January 23, 2009


thats 3d's folks. and thats what kind of movie i saw tonight. in theaters.
let me just say... the new 3d that is out now... is incredible. really. its sooooo cool.
dont judge me. but ry and i saw my bloody valentine 3d tonight.
mostly to see the 3d. but heck a good slasher movie is always fun.
and it was. fun. and pretty good. not my fav movie, but def not the worst movie ive ever seen.
and i actually couldn't predict the end. so that was good too.
but really. back to the 3D. i can't describe how cool it was. so realistic. and the glasses are like real glasses. they look like sunglasses. super cool. so yeah. im excited to see what hollywood will do with this awesome 3d. there was a preview for a kids movie in 3d. its animated, but the preview was ridiculous! im excited to see it!!

anyway. sara is back in the country and im sooooo excited and happY! i can talk to her and text her and ill get a response!! haha! :)

work was good today (for those of you keeeping tabs) it was really good.

tomorrow: day off. ill be relaxin. sleeping. reading. cleaning. mmmm. good saturday.

well love and peace.

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