Saturday, January 24, 2009


a saturday without work is always a good thing. always.
i had a lovely day bumming around.
working on a project.
talking to sara!
watching duke DESTROY maryland. (biggest win over md in history)
programming my new AC/HEATING system to fluctuate during the day and night.
and lastly starting my new "one liner" journal.

i got a bright idea from my friend margaret who read about starting a one liner/ clothes hanger journal. basically write a line or two about the day in a journal. easy enough i thought since i blog all the time. why not actually write it all down too! so i am. writing a little line here and there to remember big things like SNOW and the BILTMORE and the sunny fun days ry and i have together.

plus i love writing (although im not so good at it)

work tomorrow. should be a good day. sunday's normally are. ill cross my fingers.

love and peace.

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