Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my project

so tomorrow i start back work... my next rotation. ive had the past 3 days off- which has been wonderful! i was thinking and pondering some different ideas i had... and then i got struck with a brilliant one. why not reorganize our basement- into a workroom/ sewing room/ craft room/ painting room!

so today. i cleaned up half of our basement (its HUGE!) and organized the boxes all onto one side of the room. the other half i set up as a work area! im so excited about it!!! pictures are the only way to truly describe it... so here goes... before and after!



all the stuff against the back wall...

after... my corner nook

a wall of curtains to separate the boxes and stuff...
my table!

so there it is. all in a long long lonnnngggg days work! im hoping to get a carpet/rug for the middle. im pretty excited to have a place all to myself to sew and do crafts and make a mess!

:) so off to work tomorrow. hopefully its going to be great!
love and peace-


Lee said...


Sara said...

you hung pictures. and a calendar.


so you :) love it!

Jane-Marie said...

Hi Danielle!
1st) I wanted to say that I saw that I made your bloglist and that REALLY made my day! I am trying to bring my blog up a few notches! Let me know what you think!
2nd) Your life sounds really cool and I am proud of you! Way to go nurse Danielle, I would love for you to be my nurse!
3rd) Your craft corner looks divine. I have recently realized that doing crafts takes me to my happy place and am working on a "LaGrange College t-shirt duvet cover" at the moment!
4th) I miss you and tell Ryan hello for me!
5th) could this comment be any longer?
6th) yeah, I guess it could