Sunday, August 31, 2008

rotation 1: complete.

so today was my last day in my current rotation. my job may sound a bit confusing... this rotating stuff. so let me explain... and if i have before... sorry...
im in a 8 week program for new nurses.
2 weeks i spend in training in a classroom. (those are done)
2 weeks i spend on a oncology/general medicine floor. (also complete)
2 weeks on a different general med floor.
2 weeks on a pre/post surgery floor.
after all that... i pick my fav of the 3 and then ::hopefully:: get a job there.

today was my last day in my first rotation- but i think it will be my favorite. just have a feeling. ms robin knows how those work. anyway... i just LOVE the other nurses there. they make me feel welcome, they let me be myself, they are SO helpful and encouraging, they are extrememly welcoming, and they are funny. a necessity in my co-workers.
i also like the floor population- random mix. the nurses like to call this floor the "trash can" of the hospital. they get all the patients who need a room and there isnt one available. for instance we have some cancer patients, some hospice type patients, surgery patients, psych patients, 20year olds who are sick... and EVERYTHING in between. i like it though. lots of diversity and lots of experience available. i mean you can't beat having a 4 foot 10 inch 60something year old lady walking around ::with a nurse:: asking for a rooster. but then she got mad because the rooster "messed" her up. to be much much nicer. i wont begin the profanities she used. ... i believe the reason she is in the hospital is for drug/alcohol overdose. sad that a lady would be in that situation, but really- sometimes the best thing to do is laugh. and seeing this tiny little lady in bright yellow crocs wander around looking for a "dang" rooster *and asking highly established doctors if they had seen the rooster* highly entertaining.

ok anyway. if you didnt think it was funny. sorry. guess you had to be there.

anyway- i dunno about you- but im OBSSESSED with the weather channel right now. really. weather fascinates me. and this hurricane. yikes.... and well hanna... she is coming more my way so now i really am paying attention.

oh and lastly. im pretty darn pumped. ryan and colin (rys bro) are having a labor day coookout. they invited the entire divinity school. yeah 100's. they are crazy. but its tom night and i can actually go! im so excited to meet people close to my age!!! just maybe ill make some friends tomororw night! cross your fingers!!

until next time- im off to fall asleep to the soothing voices on the weather channel. weird? oh well.

much love from an exhausted nurse... ::its 12.30am and ive been up since 5.45am!!::

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jlindsey said...

I love reading your blog! I wish the rest of the world could be as positive and excited about life as you! We'd be in a better place! xoxox